We strive to build the best set of Genetics in the Rocky Mountain Region.  In order to for us provide this quality we use a high quality set of donor cows, the use of embryo's and IVF processes to allow us to deliver genetics that can be sourced worldwide at any altitude!  

Herd Sires 

 Silverias Mission  Nexus 1378 

 Lazy Mc Cowboy Cut  26U 

 HP Jose Cuervo 

 PIE CODE RED  9058 

 Red Blairs  Bingo  581B 

 TY-BE The Great  Bambino E52 

 WEBR Doc Holiday  2N 

 Red U-2 Magnum 

Donor Females

 Damar Bonnebell 

Donor Cows 


 Red Solo Line  Rhonda

Donor Cows 

 Spur Rose 2304B 

Donor Cows 

 WR MS Cita 142C 

Donor Cows 

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