About us

The Ranch

Home Place Land & Cattle Company was established in 2013. It started off with two heifers and has grown a lot in numbers. Home Place is family owned and operated just outside the Denver metro area.  The ranch consists of owned and lease land in which allows for herd growth and expansion. 


We're a hardworking family of four. We have been building a herd of Red Angus cattle for five years. This was all started on our grandfather Joe Bouldin's vision of building a Black Angus herd. After he passed away, we have kept the tradition by building a Red Angus herd here in Colorado.


Our goal is to offer the best genetics in the Red Angus breed. Since our elevation is above 6,250 feet, our system is very unique compared to other ranches across the breed. Cattle at the ranch have to be under 40 in a PAP test. Our cattle were either breed at the ranch or bred through A.I. of the best genetics with our best donor cows.